MEMO: Alternative Placement Request

TO: All Staff

FROM: Gail Anderson, Director of Service

DATE: July 26, 2023

RE: Alternative Placement Request

Residential Placement Desk plays a supportive role to Services to identify appropriate homes for children and youth that come into care. If a home cannot be found or the client’s needs cannot be met in a foster home setting then other placement options can be considered. Placement Desk will work closely with Residential Care Workers to assist with locating the best possible home.

In order to be successful, Placement Desk requires workers to complete a mandatory Alternative Placement Request Form and a copy of the Child Background Information Form when requesting a placement including one to one situations.

There are different types of placement options to consider:

  • Foster Home
  • Live In Agency Operated Homes are short term placements and Placement Desk Worker will continue to find a foster home
  • Staff Model Agency Operated Home, application package is available for workers to complete

All forms should be submitted to email or Fax. (807) 737-1532, addressed to “Placement Desk”.

Please do not email workers directly specifically as the email may be missed due to the worker being absent. Once documentation has been received, workers will receive “receipt” of acknowledgement and additional information may be required. If workers no longer require placement, please identify location of child or youth to Placement Desk.