Short-term Caregivers

Every parent and caregiver needs a break to ensure they are providing the best care to their children and other loved ones. Within the Wee-chee-way-win Circle are Short-term Caregivers. These remarkable individuals step in to provide resources and support to our foster parents and live-in staff when needed. Either using their own home or going to one of our homes, Short-term Caregivers provide immediate comfort and care to a child for short periods of time.


Short-term Caregiver FAQs

Who can be a Short-term Caregiver?

Short-term Caregivers are individuals who have empathy, compassion, patience, and love.

How does it work?

Screening Process

To qualify to be a Short-term Caregiver, individuals must pass a criminal record check and complete a homestudy.


Once qualified, individuals will receive assignment requests from Tikinagan staff. Usually the placement desk phones during office hours and in emergency situations, the after-hours coordinator or staff may call to check availability.

How many children will I be caring for?

1 to 3

How long will I be caring for the children?

Periods of care can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Do I have to take the assignment if I am called?

Assignments will be offered and you can choose to whether or not to accept the opportunity.

Where are Short-term Caregivers needed?

We accept Short-term Care givers throughout our entire catchment area. Check out our map here.

What is the longest I'd keep a short-term placement?

Up to 30 days

What if I encounter issues while caring for a child?

Our on-call staff will provide any support needed.

Short-term Caregiver to Foster Parent

Becoming a Short-Term Caregiver is a great stepping stone to becoming a future Foster Parent! Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent here.

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