Foster Parent Spotlight: Jean and Art Strang

After fostering children for over 20 years, Jean and Art Strang of Poplar Hill First Nation said the choice came as second nature.

“My parents used to be foster parents and it just seemed right that we follow in their footsteps by fostering children,” said Jean.

The pair said they enjoy their role as foster parents and have compassion for the children they look after. They also emphasized the importance of being a safe and positive presence in the children’s lives.

“You have to think about their safety and look after the children in a good way,” said Jean.

Having fostered children for both long-term and short-term periods, Jean and Art said the key to making it work is their partnership and working together.

“Sometimes my husband was busy with work or when the children would need to go to school, it was important to help each other out,” said Jean.

Jean and Art understand the value of Tikinagan’s service model Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin “everyone working together to raise our children.” Helping each other when it’s needed and supporting one another to successfully raise children in their care, the couple is a working example of the Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin service model put into practice.

They acknowledged their support for one another, but also the ways in which Tikinagan has supported the couple throughout their foster parenting journey.

“I’m grateful for Tikinagan,” said Art. “When the power went out in the community, Tikinagan gave us a generator. We were able to keep the freezer running and keep the lights on.”

Jean added, “When we got our new house Tikinagan provided a lot of furnishings, and we were so grateful because we didn’t expect any of that”.

Foster parents play an important role in keeping children safe, happy, and cared for, and Tikinagan is there to support all foster parents along the way.

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Click the video below to watch Jean and Art Strang’s video interview.