We're Listening - Our Complaint Process

Through our First Nations mandate, we are entrusted with the responsibility of providing child welfare services. We are accountable to provide high quality services to children and families. We are committed to excellence and dependability in all aspects of service delivery.

How to Raise a Concern or Complaint About Tikinagan Services

Most complaints about services can be settled by the worker and the client. So, speak to your worker when you feel there are any problems. Often this leads to a better understanding and an improved relationship. However, if you are not satisfied with the solution, you have the right to pursue it further.

Tikinagan’s complaint process provides an opportunity for complaints to be dealt with in a fair, and timely manner and is designed to put into practice Tikinagan’s core values and work in the true spirit of the Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin service delivery model – “Everyone Working Together to Raise our Children”.


Connect With Tikinagan Staff

Throughout the informal process, Tikinagan staff at all levels will treat your concerns as a priority and respond quickly.

  • Speak with your worker or the staff member involved. If you are not satisfied with the worker’s response, ask to talk to your with worker’s supervisor.
  • If still not satisfied, you can also contact a Service Manager, Director of Services and/or the Associate Executive Director to discuss your concerns.


Internal Client Complaints Panel

Put your complaint in writing using the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ Formal Complaint to a Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel Form: Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ Formal Complaint to a Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel form (see below).

Send the form to Tikinagan by: Mail (Tikinagan Child and Family Services, Box 627, Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B1), email (ICRP@tikinagan.org) or fax (807-737-3466) the form to Tikinagan. You can also give it to any Tikinagan staff person.

Within seven (7) days of submitting the form, Tikinagan will let you know if your complaint is eligible for review by an Internal Client Complaints Panel or if other
options are available.

If your complaint will be reviewed by a panel, you will be invited to meet and share your concerns within 14 days, unless you request a later date. Within two (2) weeks of this meeting, Tikinagan will send you a letter summarizing the outcome.


Download the Form for a Formal complaint to Internal Complaints Review PanelAbout the Formal Complaint ProcessTikinagan Complaints Brochure