Tikinagan signs child protection protocol with Wequedong Lodge


Tikinagan Child & Family Services Executive Director, Thelma Morris, and Wequedong Lodge of Thunder Bay Executive Director, Donna Kroocmo, signed a protocol today to emphasize the importance and duty to report child abuse and neglect in the district of Thunder Bay.

As a part of the Tikinagan service model Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin, which means “everyone working together to raise our children,” the protocol guides community members in their sacred responsibility to care for children in the district of Thunder Bay. 

“It is important for each child to be part of a network of caring people,” said Morris. “We are thankful for partnerships like these that help keep our children, youth, and families safe and connected to their community and cultures with appropriate resources and support. 

“This protocol is about keeping children safe. Whether in Thunder Bay or one of our 30 First Nations, everyone has a duty to report child protection concerns of our Indigenous children to Tikinagan Child & Family Services.”

Tikinagan relies on the help of communities, local agencies, service providers, and those who have close contact with children and youth to help keep them safe and families supported. Tikinagan always works with the First Nation’s leadership and each family to protect children and help families create and sustain a healthy home environment. 

Tikinagan has been providing services and building partnerships in the district of Thunder Bay since receiving the mandate from the First Nation Chiefs and designation from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services in January 2020.

“It is critical to ensure that the child is placed with the correct agency at the onset, or with family preferably, which is also contained in Tikinagan’s values,” said Kroocmo. “We are honoured to support Tikinagan and the 30 First Nations in signing this protocol today.”

Wequedong Lodge of Thunder Bay is an Indigenous-focused boarding home facility that provides support to families, providing culturally-appropriate services and health care access in Thunder Bay.

To report a child protection concern to Tikinagan, call 1-800-465-3624. Services are available 24/7.