Support the Rights of Children, Youth

This week, Tikinagan Child & Family Services is promoting the rights of children across the country for National Child Day on Friday, November 20.

Thelma Morris, Executive Director at Tikinagan, encourages everyone to support children in First Nation communities by giving them a voice they rightly deserve.

“Our children and youth are at the core of our work, and this is made possible when everyone is working together to help raise our children,” says Morris. “By hearing the voice of our future generation, we can honour their contributions to our communities.”

Throughout the week leading up to National Child Day, Tikinagan will be using social media to share the messages about children’s rights in Canada, using the hashtag #seenandheard. On November 20, Tikinagan encourages children and adults to tune into for a digital event, featuring Indigenous Canadian basketball player Michael Linklater.

Tikinagan has the responsibility to uphold children’s rights for all children placed in its care by providing a safe place to live, clothing, regular dental and medical appointments, and access to schooling and recreational activities. We ensure children feel safe and loved; are treated with dignity, respect, and understanding; and are involved in decision making. We also provide support and encouragement for achieving the dreams they have for their future.

Children inquiring about their rights while in care of Tikinagan can find more information by: