REMINDER: Vehicle Maintenance

It has been brought to our attention that employees are not doing their part on keeping the agency vehicles maintained. Some of the issues are:

  • Not collecting garbage
  • Leaving personal/client property behind
  • Not returning vehicles on return dates
  • Vehicles returned but not returning keys  
  • Taking vehicles without proper procedure
  • Returning vehicles without filling up

Note that in the “Tikinagan Child & Family Services Vehicle Manual”  it states:

Maintenance Of Vehicle – Employee Responsibility: The maintenance of an agency vehicle is the employee’s responsibility while it is in his/her possession. A visual circle check should be completed before, after and on a regular basis while using the agency vehicle. A circle check includes, for example, checking oil, tire pressure, windshield washer fluid, headlights and a visual inspection of the exterior of the vehicle. All agency vehicles must be kept clean of all personal and client garbage, the removal items is the responsibility of the employee.

We here at the property department cannot stress enough on the importance to having an efficient and respectable workplace for everyone. Especially with the high rate of employee interactions and association that we have here in this department, having that common ground with all employees is one of the initiatives. We understand and are aware that unexpected situations may arise that will effect tasks and responsibilities that will cause interruption to operations. We just wanted to point out some valuable information and remind staff that we must work together to have that common ground.   Please see attachment for further information.