Reminder: Healthy Living Reimbursements

Tikinagan Child & Family Services offers a healthy/active living reimbursement incentive to our employees. Please note that the submitted expense must be for use by the Tikinagan employee (as an example, sport enrollment fees for someone other than the employee does not qualify, such as sport enrollment fees for dependants of the employee). 

The maximum reimbursement within each fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) is $200 total per full-time employees who has completed their probationary period for eligible expenses. Regular part-time workers who have completed their probationary period are eligible for $100 per fiscal year (See What Qualifies? Below for more detail on eligible expenses). 

How to Submit for Reimbursement 

1. Refer to What Qualifies? to ensure that the expense qualifies for reimbursement. 

2. Pay for the activity/device/membership and keep your receipt. 

3. Print your name on the front of the receipt if it is not already there. 

4. Fill out a Request for Reimbursement/ Cheque Requisition – General (also known as a General Cheque Requisition). 

5. Submit the completed form with the original receipt to Finance. 

6. If your expense qualifies, you will be reimbursed by Finance either through Direct Deposit or Manual Cheque. 

What Qualifies? 

1. Fitness Activities 

 Fitness Facility (includes full-service facilities with cardiovascular and strength training equipment, Yoga studios, pool, etc.) 

 Exercise Classes (yoga drop-in classes) 

 Personal Training (with a qualified trainer) 

 Sports Club Fees (e.g. running club, basketball/hockey league, etc.) 

3. Health-Promoting Activity Devices 

 Pedometers 

 Accelerometers (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone) 

 Heart Rate Monitors 

 Sports Watches (must track speed, distance, and/or heart rate) 

2. Fitness Equipment 

 Weights 

 Yoga mats/equipment, etc. 

 Treadmills and other home gym equipment 

4. Race Fees 

 Walking/Running 

 Biking, Swimming, Skiing 

 Multi-component (e.g. Triathlon, obstacle course) 

For questions regarding this program, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration or the Human Resources Manager for clarification or more information.