MEMO: Placement Listing – To Be Reviewed & Approved by Direct Services Supervisors

To: All Staff

From: Joanne Wicklund, Finance Manager

CC: Clara Young, Director of Finance & Administration, Rachel Tinney, Associate Executive Director

Date: March 1, 2022

RE: Placement Listing – To Be Reviewed & Approved by Direct Services Supervisors

Finance sends out an email twice a month with an updated Placement Listing to all supervisors prior to the closing of each boarding cycle. The email comes from Leigh Thompson, Finance Clerk.
This listing shows the placement of all clients at the end of each boarding cycle.

This email requests that all Supervisors review their client’s Placement to ensure their placement is correct.

The email also requests that you sign the document and send back to Finance; however we are accepting email approval that you have reviewed the placement listing for your clients and have verified that the placement is correct for your clients.

This will ensure there are no overpayments to foster parents and to ensure foster parents are paid for any new placement of clients in their home.

The placement listing is sent out five days prior to closing the cycle. Attached is the payment schedule when boarding is processed. Another reminder is emailed 2 days prior to closing the cycle.

It is mandatory that you review and approve the listing for every boarding cycle and send your email approval to the finance department for each boarding cycle.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Placement Listing, please contact:

Tracy Coughlin, Finance Supervisor at
Tasha Jewell, Assistant Finance Manager at

Thank you for your co-operation.