MEMO: UPDATE – Christmas Pay – In Lieu of Annual Christmas Dinner/Celebration

To: Staff

From: Clara Young, Director of Finance & Administration

Date: December 13, 2022

Re: UPDATE – Christmas Pay – In Lieu of Annual Christmas Dinner/Celebration

With the Christmas season upon us, we wanted to provide an update on staff Christmas gatherings.

While COVID-19 provincial and federal restrictions have changed allowing for larger group gatherings, Tikinagan operates with a higher level of precaution because of the vulnerability of the communities we serve. Our heightened pandemic measures will include restrictions on Tikinagan Christmas dinners again this year.

Similar to last year, we will not be hosting any large staff Christmas dinners. Individual units can have their own potluck-type luncheons in the office. If staff choose to go to an outside location/restaurant to have a dinner with other co-workers, this will be considered a non-agency gathering.

UPDATE: Effective Dec 13th – as a continued precaution, there will be no potluck-type luncheons in the office.

In lieu of Tikinagan contributions to staff Christmas dinners, we will once again provide all employees with a monetary gift. Full time staff will receive an additional $100 on their payroll for the pay day on December 16, 2021. Part time staff will receive $50.

While we won’t have large in-person staff Christmas gatherings, there is an opportunity to celebrate the season and share Christmas greetings virtually… Join in the “Winter is Coming 2” interactive online all staff Christmas Party on December 16th. The fun begins at 12pm (CST)/1pm(EST)