MEMO: Notification to Other Society- Change in Worker

To: All Staff 

From: Deanna Mitchell, Service Manager, Inter-Society Liaison

Date: September 20, 2021

Tikinagan is to provide notification to another society when there is change in service workers.
It has been brought forward by Dilico AFC that Tikinagan is not providing notification to their agency with regards to change in service workers which impacts service delivery to our clients and communication between workers between the societies.

As Interagency Service Agreements are being developed, we identify Child Care Workers to another society. If this worker has changed, we will require a letter of notification be made to Dilico as to who the new Child Care Worker will be.

This impacts Intake Screening as all referrals, correspondence, etc, are being emailed and notified that information is being placed under “Referrals” or Supplementals” on Frontline. Where a worker assigned on Frontline has changed or no longer with the agency and does not reflect the current worker, this impacts our responses to matters in a timely manner.

Please review all ISA’s and ensure that the current worker is reflected. If there has been a change in worker, please forward to the ISL your letter of notification.

Further plans for Protection Assists will be reviewed with Management and changes may occur, for now this is the process until the Ministry Directive is completed.

If there is any questions, please contact your Service Manager or