MEMO: Lockdown & Shelter in Place Procedures

TO: All Staff

FROM: Anne Morgan, Executive Assistant

DATE: May 15, 2023

Re: Lockdown & Shelter in Place Procedures

Attached are procedures for reacting to situations where an office lockdown or a shelter in place direction has been issued by emergency response personnel or it is advisable in the absence of any official direction not to leave the building. This is not intended to alarm staff, as most offices will never experience these types of situations. We have prepared these procedures as a precaution and to have written procedures available for staff in the event a lockdown of one of our facilities is required.

We are working on a more in-depth policy and firming up internal processes to help the agency respond in the safest, most timely and effective way. This development will include involvement of health and safety committee representatives, and staff from property, IT, services, etc. Director of Finance and Administration Clara Young is heading this policy development. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions regarding attached you can contact Clara.

Please review attached as soon as possible. This information will also be released as an HR Downloads assignment for all staff to review.