MEMO: Asbestos Management Plan

 To: All Staff 

From: Clara Young, Director of Finance & Administration 

Low risk Asbestos has been identified at 51 King St. office in Sioux Lookout. As such, Tikinagan Child & Family Services has created an Asbestos Management Program as per applicable regulations. 

We would like to inform staff, while the word asbestos can be scary in itself, the asbestos within the office at 51 King St. poses little to no risk to staff’s normal day to day duties. This is further explained in the Asbestos Management Program, which all staff will be required to read and sign. 

Complying with applicable regulations, Tikinagan will also be assigning an Asbestos Awareness module through HR Downloads. While this module may provide additional information that staff may not require to carry out their regular duties (like handling of asbestos materials), we want to ensure staff are educated in a way that will ease any concerns and address any questions you may have. 

Prior to asking questions pertaining to the asbestos at 51 King St, office, please read the Asbestos Management Program and complete the entire Asbestos Awareness module in HR Downloads and provide a copy of the certificate of completion to the training unit. If you have questions or concerns, after completing the training, we encourage staff to contact Cecil Breton, Property Manager, Health and Safety Co-Chair at 807-737-3466 ext.2300.