Christmas Messages from Executive Staff

Every Christmas season, our First Nations are bustling with a festive spirit of togetherness. This community tradition, whether in the North or our urban communities, kicks off at Christmas and lasts into the New Year. It includes events centering around feasting and square dancing, piling up gifts at the community hall where everyone gathers to exchange gifts, and some of the most creative radio games you’ll ever hear about (picture a Santa Claus Hunt, where the man is red is trying to get away from a pack of skidoos!). These gatherings become a time for everyone to fellowship, celebrate, and share a few good laughs.

Many of our children wait in anticipation and excitement as the holidays approach. It is very important to make sure that all children, especially those in our care, are connected to their families, communities, and traditions – in whatever way possible.

This is why Christmastime reminds us of the importance of intangible gifts that we can’t buy for our children: an encouraging word, quality time together, and a loving hug. The season also celebrates the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Both offer love, hope, and joy during the holiday. I hope your holiday season can be a time to enjoy family, extended family, and friends.

On behalf of our Elders, Board, and staff, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours,

Thelma Morris
Exective Director, Tikinagan Child & Family Services

A special video message from Associate Executive Director, Rachel Tinney: