Hey Youth!

We know you know stuff about youth culture, living in your community or an urban centre, and how to interact with your friends. We want to tap into your expertise, your skills, and hear your ideas how we can make Tikinagan Child & Family Services better for children, youth, and families. This may include helping us start a TikTok, creating art, making videos, attending trainings and conferences (both in-person and virtual), or advocating for children’s rights.

Basically, we want to pay you for stuff you already know how to do!

Start your application today to join this exciting movement of youth who will make a different in their First Nation. Complete our online application form below.

Got questions? We got answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Will I get paid?

All successful applicants who join the Team will be paid in volunteer hours and/or monetary value for their time and commitment to the project and its related events, activities, and tasks.

Do I have to live in my First Nation community?

No. You can be living in your community or in an urban area like Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, or even Toronto. You must be connected to one of our 30 First Nations, though.

How do I apply to be a part of the Team? 

Below on this webpage is a short application form. It requires your parent/guardians signature if you are under the age of 18. It must be completed in full.

How old do I have to be?

We are looking for youth between the ages of 12-21.

Can my friends join? 

Yes, but everyone who wants to be on of the #YouthKnow Team must complete the online application.

How many people will be on the #YouthKnow Team?

Hard to say. That depends on the number of great people like you who apply! You can never have enough good ideas!

What's the commitment like?

We are planning to host a two-hour virtual meeting once per month. Once the pandemic slows down, we may look at hosting an in-person session. On top of that, team members will be invited to help out with various tasks, such as creating art, making a video, giving feedback on content, and sharing ideas.

What are the requirements to participate on the team?

First, everyone must complete the online application form on this webpage. Once selected, team members must have access to a computer and/or phone to be able to attend meetings. Most importantly, a willingness to commit to the team — which means participating in meetings, reading and replying to messages, and giving input.

How long will I be on the team for?

We are looking for people to be on the team for a minimum of one year.