Remembering Moses Mawakeesick

Tikinagan & Child Family Services mourns with Deer Lake First Nation the passing of former Chief Moses Mawakeesick. He was 75.

Known as a wise and caring man to many, Mawakeesick is remembered for his prayers for and guidance of Tikinagan, reflected Thelma Morris, Tikinagan Executive Director, who knew Mawakeesick for more than 20 years.

“I am very sadden by our loss,” she said. “Moses has been a big part of Tikinagan. He contributed in every way, not only as a staff person but Board Member and Elder. I am sending my condolences to Deer Lake and the surrounding communities because he knew a lot of people; and most of all, his family for their tremendous loss. He impacted lots of people, both in his personal life and work life.”

Mawakeesick served with Tikinagan as an employee, Board Member, and Elder. He began his career with Tikinagan in 1997 as a Family Counsellor until 2000. In 2006, he joined the Tikinagan Board as Keewaytinook Okimakanak’s representative. He resigned when he returned as Family Service Worker from 2009-2011. And since 2017, he guided the agency on the Elder’s Council.

Morris added that Mawakeesick was easy to work with because he was always accepting of people. 

“He always had valuable wisdom to share with agency. He was the type of person that said what needed to be said and did it in a respectful manner. They way he said it was truthful and respectful and never offended anyone. He had the personality that people gravitated towards, and people sought out his advice and welcomed his wisdom.”