MEMO: Relief Services Policy

TO: All Staff

FROM: Gail Anderson, Director of Service

DATE: July 7, 2023

Re: Relief Services Policy

Relief Services plays a supportive role with Child Care and Family Services; one of our main priorities is to offer assistance to 1 to 1 supervision of children. There are situations we are not able to accommodate such as taking children for medical appointments, placing children at new foster homes, supervising family visits or doing wellness checks. We would like Child Care Workers and Family Service Workers to attend these important appointments with their clients as they can communicate relevant information with other professionals.

As per Policy, Relief Services will require Mamow Case Conference for all clients, who require 1 to 1 supervision prior to placement, in order to ensure our staff are fully informed of safety concerns and appropriate plans are in place.

When possible, for clients staying in a 1:1 situation for extended periods of time, Child Care and Family Services will schedule bi-weekly Mamow Case Conference meetings to provide or receive updates, identify changes, review placements being explored, share written documentation and address concerns brought forward. This would include completion of extended PO’s for client’s lodging, meals and meet client’s personal needs.

If you have any further questions, please speak with your Service Manager.

Thank you.