MEMO: Protection Assists Process

 To: All Staff 

From: Deanna Mitchell, Service Manager, Inter-Society Liaison 

RE: Protection Assists 

 Effective August 9th 2021, Tikinagan has established a new process for all Protection Assists being received from Dilico AFC and Children’s Aid of Thunder Bay. 

To do so, we have assigned all referrals that are related to Requests for Assists to DSS Joyce Crawford. DSS Angela Waswa will continue to address all blended family requests. 

1. Referral of request for assist are received and approved by the ISL DSS to an assigned Service Manager of the Community identified. 

2. The responsibility of the tasks needed for this request will be assigned by the Service Manager within their unit. The requests can be anything from a request for protection service, child care service, alternative care services or miscellaneous requests. 

3. ISL DSS is available to the Service Manager should assistance be needed to coordinate a Mamow Case Conference with Dilico 

4. The Case Conference Coordinator in Thunder Bay will be responsible to issue the invites for all conferences pertaining to this request. 

5. Once the tasks of the PA are completed, all required and approved documents are to be sent to the ISL Deanna Mitchell, ISL Email Account at, Joyce Crawford and to Information Systems for entry to the PA Recording on Frontline. 

6. ISL DSS will generate a cover letter to go with the PA Service completed. This letter will be signed by the Assigned Worker and DSS. 

7. ISL will continue to be the designate in forwarding all documentation to the ISL of either agency. 

Please do not forward documents directly to Dilico or Thunder Bay CAS 

8. The PA Recording on Frontline is required to be completed by the person assigned by the Service Manager. The assigned worker is to ensure that all case notes, documents and/or emails are sent to Frontline for the file. Once completed, the PA Recording Summary will be submitted for approval by the Service Manager. 

9. Information Systems will track all assigned PA’s to Service Managers by Community and Unit. These STATS will be forwarded to the ISL for tracking purposes within the Ministry Reporting Template. Information Systems will also track to ensure that all PA’s are approved within the Child Protection Standards. 

Further plans for Protection Assists will be reviewed with Management and changes may occur, for now this is the process until the Ministry Directive is completed. If there is any questions, please contact your Service Manager or