Celebrating 25 years at Tikinagan

April 8, 2016
Marlene Boos describes herself as stable, like a rock. She says she is a quiet person, an introvert, and prefers to be in the background where she can provide support to Tikinagan. She may describe herself as a rock, but it is clear through the opinion of many that she is a gemstone here at Tikinagan.

Celebrating successful graduates at Tikinagan

April 6, 2016
Over the last two years, a group of Tikinagan employees have worked hard to complete a certificate program entitled Chemical Addictions Worker. The program was a first-time partnership with Tikinagan and Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) out of British Columbia.

Welcoming arrival for walkers

April 1, 2016
Tikinagan Child and Family Services greeted nine-year-old Gordon Slipperjack, his family and supporters, in Sioux Lookout on Tuesday, March 29. Gordon and his family left Thunder Bay on March 7. The purpose of his walk, entitled Spiritual Journey for the Innocent, was to honour the memory of his brother, Leonidis Uriah Cole Slipperjack, and all the babies that didn’t make it home from both foster care and residential school.

Tikinagan, KRRCFS sign agreement serving band members in Kenora

February 26, 2016
On Monday, February 29, Tikinagan Child and Family Services will sign a formal agreement with Kenora-Rainy River District Child and Family Services (KRRCFS) to serve band members from communities in Tikinagan's service area who are residing in Kenora and surrounding area.

Tikinagan grand opening of Red Lake office

February 25, 2016
Tikinagan Child and Family Services is excited to announce the new location of the Red Lake office. This office is part of TIkinagan’s continuing efforts to improve the quality and access to services at the community-level.

Phyllis Matthews, Celebrating 25 Years

February 2, 2015
A celebration held in Kitchenuhmakoosib in honour of Phyllis Matthews 25th year with Tikinagan Child and Family Services. A community luncheon was prepared by members of the Freedom to Worship Church.