Tikinagan services still available during provincial lockdown

Posted: December 22nd, 2020

During the Ontario lockdown, starting December 26, 2020, essential services will still be available at Tikinagan or any other Children's Aid society in the province.

Tikinagan is still providing services – however, we are adjusting service delivery to avoid in-person contacts.

  • Our main phone line is open to receive calls 1-800-465-3624 (toll-free, 24/7) or 807-737-3466. Messages will be relayed to the appropriate personnel.
  • In-person contact with clients will be limited to urgent child protection matters. Precautionary measures will be taken including health screening questions in advance of in-person visits.
  • All non-essential face-to-face contacts will be postponed until further notice. Contacts will be done by telephone, email, or using any technology that we can make available to the families, youth and children we service.
  • Tikinagan is working in collaboration with each First Nation we serve in regards to pandemic plans and Tikinagan’s service delivery including arrangements for regular and emergency contact with First Nation leadership. Our staff are following any pandemic measures implemented by individual First Nations.
  • Tikinagan has restricted business travel for staff and clients to essential/emergency only.
  • All payments will continue without interruption. Mail and faxes are being collected and distributed on a regular basis.

With the stressors resulting from the COVID-19 prevention measures, we want families and children from our 30 First Nations to know we’re here to help.

Reaching out for support can be difficult. But no matter your age or the challenges you’re facing, there are people and services in your community that you can turn to at any time to help keep you and your family safe and supported. Check our complete COVID-19 resource list here.

We continue to work together with our 30 First Nation communities, protecting and caring for children and supporting families.

To assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19, we ask that everyone follow the precautionary measures directed by public health authorities.