Tikinagan launches new radio show

Posted: September 9th, 2020

Next week, Tikinagan Child & Family Services is launching a new weekly radio show “Kahkenuh Aweyuk: Everyone Together on Tik Talk Radio broadcasting on the Wawatay Radio Network every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm.

“We are excited to introduce regular, weekly programming on Wawatay as extension to the work we do in bringing everyone together,” said Tikinagan Executive Director, Thelma Morris, who will kick-off the new show in the inaugural episode on Tuesday, September 15. “Our work is driven by Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin, everyone working together to raise our children, and it is under this banner that we want to bring communities together to help them learn about our services, community stories and events, and much more.”

Tikinagan is not new to radio in First Nation communities. The agency has been using the radio as early as the mid-80s when Tikinagan and Wawatay were both in their infancy stages.

Said Morris: “In the North, the radio is still an essential communication tool for our people, especially in reaching the Elders. The communities use the radio to play games and have fun, as well as communicate messages to the community. This is a tradition we want to be apart of.”

Morris adds that along with information about Tikinagan services and events, the show will honour the language with most broadcasts spoken in English and Oji-Cree.

“Language is the keystone to cultural identity and to the preservation of culture. We strive to communicate effectively using our First Nation languages, both verbally and in written materials, with the children, families and communities we serve.”

Wawatay, which began the same year as Tikinagan in 1984, reaches more than 300,000 square kilometres and in nearly all 30 First Nations Tikinagan serves as well as Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay, nationwide on Bell ExpressVu channel 962, and across the world online. It is the only northern Ontario radio station that offers Oji-Cree language programming.

“As a sales professional for the largest native communications organization in northern Ontario, I am proud to partner and help promote the important work of Tikinagan,” said Tom Scura, Advertising Sales Agent at Wawatay.

For program updates, schedules, and past episodes, follow Tikinagan Child & Family Services on Facebook or visit tikinagan.org.