June 24 is Honouring our Children Day

Posted: June 11th, 2019

June 24 is Honouring Our Children Day- a day recognized by Tikinagan Child and Family Services since 2010. Around this time of year, community-based staff host a family-friendly event in each community served by Tikinagan.

“We continue to celebrate this important day because it’s just one way to remind children of how important and special they are,” says Thelma Morris, Executive Director at Tikinagan Child and Family Services. “Each community celebrates the day in its own unique way and we hope everyone enjoys the events.”

Behind the scenes, many employees work hard to prepare for Honouring Our Children Day events. There is often a lot of grocery shopping and bringing in special foods (such as barbeque supplies and cakes), as well as planning for games, prizes, and activities.

“We applaud our hard-working employees for their tireless work to make these events happen. Often there are long-hours in the kitchen preparing feasts and a lot of time organizing and making sure children and community members have a fun day. Their commitment to their community, and our Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin service model, really is appreciated,” says Morris.

Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin means ‘everyone working together to raise our children’ and is integral to how Tikinagan operates and works with each community to protect children and help families.

In some communities, Honouring our Children Day may take place a little later and tie in with the community fall-feast. While in other communities, the events are in held in June or July.

Stay tuned for dates and information about your community’s Honouring Our Children’s Day! We will advertise on Tikinagan’s Facebook page and/or on posters in your community. For more information about your community’s event(s), please contact your local unit.