MEMO: Premium Pay Update

To: All Staff 

From: Thelma Morris, Executive Director 

Date: May 6, 2022

Re: Premium Pay 

Adjustments to our Premium Pay policy are being made effective May 14, 2022. Please see attached revised policy. In summary, Tikinagan will provide Premium Pay to staff for two specific situations: 

1. Premium Pay of $40/hour: When a worker is required to do in-person in-door response to a household where one or more members are confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 

– requires advance authorization by the supervisor and manager 

– where confirmation of positive household member(s) is determined after responding, the supervisor or manager can approve Premium Pay after the response 

– 3 hour minimum will be paid per regular or after hours shift 

Please note Premium Pay of $40/hour will only be available for in-person in-door responses where there is a confirmed positive. 

2. Premium Pay of $4/hour: Supervising/Caring for a child in care at an AOH or other premises (includes situations where 1-1 supervision is required in a hospital, hotel or other premises) 

Changes from the previous policy are highlighted above. Please note that these payments are temporary until the COVID-19 pandemic effects have decreased. The situation is being monitored and further adjustments may be made. 

If you have questions concerning attached, please consult your Manager. 

Please continue to follow Tikinagan pandemic measure as well as any local pandemic advice and measures. We can all help to keep our workplace, our communities and our families healthy and safe.