MEMO: New Salary Pay Grid 2022 – 5.5% Increase

To: All staff

From: Clara Young, Director of Finance & Administration

Date: September 15, 2022

Re: New Salary Pay Grid 2022 – 5.5% Increase

Please be advised that the Tikinagan Board of Directors have approved an increase of 5.5% increase to the salary grids for agency staff. Salary increase changes will be effective September 17, 2022, and will be reflected on the October 7, 2022, pay day.

Salary increases are being implemented to offer employees more sustainable wages to accommodate the rising cost of living.

Employees will continue to receive their annual salary increases on their normal annual increase date. When an employee reaches the top of their grid level, they will receive an annual cost of living payment on their annual increase date.

Staff will receive an individual letter that will outline the specific impact on their salary.
We remind staff of their responsibility to respect the confidentiality of the letter they receive regarding placement on the salary grid and any specifics regarding their own salary.

We hope this increase will allow the agency to be competitive in the work force and to assist with staff recruitment and retention. The agency values our staff, and we would like to acknowledge the commitment of everyone, especially throughout the pandemic.