MEMO: New Process for Submitting Timesheets

 To: All Staff 

From: Joanne Wicklund, Finance Manager 

Cc Clara Young, Director of Finance & Adminstration 


Effective pay period July 24 – August 6, 2021 payday August 13, 2021 please be advised of the new process of reporting your timesheet for payroll. 

All full time employees are required to send an email to their direct supervisor indicating the hours worked for each day, including any vacation, sick, CTO, Cultural Wellness days taken. 

Leave forms will not be required to be sent to payroll at this time. However any requests for time off still require prior approval from your supervisor prior to the leave. 

This timesheet is to be emailed to your supervisor for verification and approval for each pay period. 

Supervisors are required to review and forward the “email timesheet” to Payroll indicating their approval by each payroll due date. 

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure “email timesheets” have been submitted to Payroll for their staff. 

For example, the details to be included in each email to your supervisor should include the following: 

Subject Line: Pay Period: July 10-23, 2021: Jane Doe 

July 12 – 7 hours worked 

July 13 – 5 hours worked, 2 hours sick time 

July 14 – 7 hours worked 

July 15 – 9 hours worked 

July 16 – vacation day 

July 19 – vacation day 

July 20 – 8 hours worked 

July 21 – 7 hours worked 

July 22 – cultural wellness day 

July 23 – CTO 

Once your Supervisor has received your “email timesheet”, they will forward to Payroll indicating “Approved” or indicate any necessary adjustments. 

If staff wish to continue using the Timsheet forms, please continue to do so. 

On-Call and Casual Relief timesheets will continue with using the timesheet forms. 

All full time employees should refer to their pay stub for their current balances. 

Supervisors are required to know what their staff’s current balances are each pay period. 

If payroll has not received your approved “email timesheet” including any On Call or Casual Relief Timesheets from your supervisor by the due date, your payroll cheque may be held (manual cheque) until your email timesheet has been approved and sent to payroll. 

Please see attached examples of the email flow. 

If you have any questions please contact: Tasha Jewell, Assistant Finance Manager – 

Gwen Hanke, Finance Supervisor –