MEMO: COVID-19 Vaccination and Children in Care

To: All Staff
From: Bill Kuzemczak, Director of Services
Date: December 6, 2021
Re: COVID-19 Vaccination and Children in Care

On November 19th 2021 Health Canada authorized he Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Canada for children 5 years and up.

Tikinagan supports that all children in care be vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and their communities. Tikinagan also respects the rights of children in care to have access to these vaccines as well as the right for parents to choose whether to have their children vaccinated with the COVID-19 Vaccine.
In accordance with the Ontario Health Care Consent Act children 12 and up are able to provide their own consent to receive the vaccine ( The following procedure will be followed for children in care receiving the vaccination:
Prior to Vaccination

  • Worker will collaborate with Parents/First Nation to seek consent for all children under 12 in care under a Mamow Care Agreements. Worker will also collaborate with Foster Parents and or Care Providers to inform them of consent and speak with the youth about receiving the vaccine.
  • Worker will ensure that the youth has information and the opportunity to ask questions about the vaccine. Vaccines for children: COVID-19 –
  • Worker will ensure that the youth/Foster parent of care provider has access to a healthcare provider who can inform and answer any questions the youth may have regarding the vaccine or vaccination process. This may be the youths Physician, Nurse at the local Nursing Station or Public Health Nurse.
  • In cases where the child or youth in care is incapable of providing consent (children 5-11), Tikinagan Child & Family Services staff will follow these guidelines:
  • Obtain written permission from the Parents (Caregivers) or First Nation for the child to obtain the vaccine. Where the parents are not available, consent from the First Nation only is acceptable.
  • Ensure the youth, Foster Parent/caregiver and worker have access to a medical service provider to consult and approve of the youth receiving the vaccine.

Upon confirmation for youth to receive the vaccine the worker will schedule the vaccination appointment via online booking, or by contacting the Local Nursing station or Health Unit to arrange an appointment.

Once the youth has been vaccinated please take a copy of the slip given and put on child’s file, then email Sara Backa at Subject Line “Confirmed Vaccination” with client number.
All information and discussions need to be clearly documented in the child’s file.

Thank you,

Bill Kuzemczak Director of Services