MEMO: Approved Departure Form

 From: Rachel Tinney, Associate Executive Director 

CC: Thelma Morris, Executive Director; Clara Young, Director of Finance and Administration; Amy Hardy, Bill Kuzemczak, Judy Angeconeb Directors of Services; Karla Stanley, Gail Anderson, Assistant Directors of Services 

Attached you will find the Approved Departure Form.

The form is to be completed prior to when the standard is due, and attached into the contact and casenote log of the file. When completing the form please use 3rd person, e.g., worker saw the family on June 20. Worker will see them again on August 15th. If the plan to meet the standard is not achieved, written rationale will be required. The departure only explains why a standard was not met; the worker will still need to meet the standard at the earliest possible time. All forms must be approved by the Supervisor. 

You will find these forms on the Shared Drive and the Staff Portal. 

Please contact your Service Manager with any questions or concerns.